Lab News

[January 22 2024]. Paper accepted. Roth, A.M., Lokesh, R., Tang, J., Buggeln, J.H., Smith, C., Calalo, J.A., Sullivan, S.R., Ngo, T., St. Germain, L., Carter, M.J., & Cashaback, J.G.A. Punishment leads to greater sensorimotor learning but less movement variability compared to reward. Neuroscience.

[September 22 2023]. New award. Congratulations to Daniel Deletsu who was awarded a 2-year Master’s scholarship from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, Brain Canada Foundation, and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

[September 6 2023]. Paper accepted. Roth, A.M., Calalo, J.A., Lokesh, R., Sullivan, S.R., Grill, S., Jeka, J.J., van der Kooij, K., Carter, M.J, & Cashaback, J.G.A. Reinforcement-based processes actively regulate motor exploration along redundant solution manifolds. Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

[August 28 2023]. New members. Welcome to Daniel Deletsu and Jiaqiao (Jack) Tang. Daniel will be starting his M.Sc in the lab and Jack will be starting his Ph.D in the lab.

[June 28 2023]. New milestone. Congratulations Dr. Laura St. Germain on a successfully defending your doctoral work.

[June 20 2023]. New award. Congratulations to Laura St. Germain (Ph.D. Candidate) on winning the 2023 Franklin Henry Young Scientist Award in Motor Control and Learning from the Canadian Society for Psychomotor Learning and Sport Psychology.

[June 16 2023]. New preprint. McKay, B., Corson, A.E., Seedu, J., De Faveri, C.S., Hasan, H., Arnold, K., Adams, F.C., & Carter, M.J. Reporting bias, not external focus: A robust Bayesian meta-analysis of the attentional focus literature. SportR\(\chi\)iv.

[May 26 2023]. Paper accepted. Lokesh, R., Sullivan, S.R., St. Germain, L., Roth, A.M., Calalo, J.A., Buggeln, J., Ngo, T., Marchhart, V.R.F., Carter, M.J, & Cashaback, J.G.A. Visual accuracy dominates over haptic speed for state estimation of a partner during collaborative sensorimotor interactions. Journal of Neurophysiology.

[May 19 2023]. New preprint. St. Germain, L., McKay, B., Tandon, C., Seedu, J., Barbera, L., Carrillo, C., Brown, D.M.Y., & Carter, M.J. Autonomy-supportive instructional language does not enhance skill acquisition compared to controlling instructional language. SportR\(\chi\)iv.

[April 13 2023]. Paper accepted. McKay, B., Bacelar, M.F.B., Parma, J.O., Miller, M.W., & Carter, M.J. The combination of reporting bias and underpowered study designs has substantially exaggerated the motor learning benefits of self-controlled practice and enhanced expectancies: A meta-analysis. International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology.